More Freedom

More Freedom

I was starting to feel exhausted and tired AF from standing on my feet all day in the salon.I felt like I was LIMITING myself,MY creative,MY flow and wanted CHANGE.

I wanted More life... More creativity... More Freedom...More Slow Mornings...I wanted a Softer Life

I sacrificed alot in the last past 5 years
○Building my home out of pocket
○Helping retire my mom
○Securing land papers
It was back to back heavyyy lifting

I DID the girl that DOES IT ALL"while trading my time and energy"
Now it's the soft girl life only or EXIT

We all deserve A Soft Life but it requires learning the Soft Life Skills and Mindset.

The Soft Life requires
* Skils + Systems and Automations *

There are easier ways and we are going to learn them.●●Full Stop●●

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It's time for sloww mornings babe ,💌


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